Since 2003, Space Saver Distribution, Inc. (SSDi) has earned a reputation for the highest customer service, attention to detail, technical and design expertise for electrical distribution and fueling control systems.

Working personally with you from start to finish to fully understand your needs, we customize each product to provide the best possible distribution systems for your current store configuration and to expand economically and efficiently into the future.

Our in‑depth technical expertise is second to none. We’re masters at optimizing electrical energy control using the most cost‑effective and state‑of‑the‑art options available. We’ll also be there to help you maximize your operations with on‑site start‑up assistance and training.

Let our customizable solutions become your standard.

Company History

At its beginning, Space Saver Distribution, Inc. (SSDi) sought to fulfill our customers’ need for a product that was cost effective for the end user, simple for the field electrician to install, easy for the end users to maintain, and flexible enough to grow with the end user’s future demands. An intense effort was undertaken to meet these goals, enabled by the team’s combined experiences in commercial, industrial, hazardous electrical installations for concrete plants, convenience stores, fueling stations and carwashes, as well as a background in energy management, lighting controls and maintenance.

SSDi’s success in the market validates the strength of our founding principles, and acts as a testament to years of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

SSDi understands costs and the need to stay current on technology and codes relative to our field. The team is dedicated to keeping our product affordable, the design and technology current and providing the training and troubleshooting answers that are often overlooked once the product reaches the electricians responsible for installation.

As our management team stated “We are founded on simple principles; we want to help you succeed, personally become an integrated partner of your company, and support you and your staff by thoroughly understanding your challenges and implementing solutions that are specific to your organization. We will ultimately simplify your electrical applications today and into the future.”

One of SSDi’s earliest customers put it succinctly, “they simply un-complicate your electrical system.” The team took that statement and incorporated it into the firm’s core beliefs “in everything we do we are intensely motivated to “un-complicate” your electrical applications.”


SSDi’s founding and current owners,Jerry, Adam and Dorothy have varying backgrounds and experiences that combined to create our company’s philosophy which is based on relationships and team work. They hold several certifications and qualifications in the electrical field including journeyman electrician, journeyman machinist and master electrician. They also hold certifications from Honeywell for Energy Management and Veeder Root Technical Service Training