Solutions for
Electrical Distribution Systems.

Electrical Components we use in our designs

Whether you need a customized electrical distribution control system or an industry standard unit, our mission is to work closely with you to assure every requirement is met within your budget.

While we offer off-the-shelf systems, we can easily customize and personally design around any of your requirements and facility’s needs. SSDi’s systems will give you the most economical, space-saving operations with the potential for growth without wasting valuable space, money or time. By working together as a team, we will develop customized solutions that will become your standard, eliminating future design hassles.

Your needs are our priority. Let us help you design an effective system that will grow with you and become the standard for all your future builds.

Distributors we work with

Dispenser Fuel Control Systems

Meet or exceed all current NFPA 30A requirements and NEC Article 514 codes related to fueling dispensing

Lighting Control Systems

  • Basic system, time of day, photocell, overrides, sensitivity sensors, motion sensors and more
  • Custom system and control, Ethernet/Internet-accessible light staging

Low Voltage Line Disconnects

  • Intercom (call buttons/speakers)
  • Data (crind/pump data)
  • Ethernet (Cat 5 or Cat 6/Fiber)

Switch Gear + MDPs

  • Complete electrical distribution systems from switch gear to sub-panels.
  • Electrical distribution
  • Main distribution panels

Energy Management Systems

  • Air conditioning unit control
  • Walk-in-coolers/freezers management
  • Inside lighting time of day staging
  • Sensitivity sensors
  • Motion sensors to reduce wasted energy
  • Real-time store monitoring via the Internet, email, phone, etc.
  • Critical temperature monitoring
  • Monitor cooler and freezer temperatures for critical alarms
  • Critical alarm notifications via the Internet, email, phone, etc.
  • Hi/low sensor alarms for in-store notification

Included Devices and Accessories

  • Cashier Controls
  • Remote Stop Button (Emergency Stop)
  • Signage
  • Isolated Dispenser Lock-out System
  • Start-up Assistance

Optional Devices

  • Power Supply / UPS
  • Surge and Transient Voltage
  • Suppression System / TVSS
  • Power Quality System