Episode 09: Petro Energy Inc: The Role of a Manufacturer’s Rep. with Dean Dendy & Bill Rath from Houston, TX

In this episode, we sit down with Dean Dendy and Bill Rath of Houston-based Petro Energy.

Listen in as Dean and Bill share their journey in the industry and how the family-owned Petro Energy has grown since its founding in May 1990. They talk about the energy industry as being relationship-driven and why local leadership will always be at its core despite global developments in the space.

They then explain their role as a “manufacturer’s rep” and speak on the product lines that Petro Energy has represented so far.

Finally, Dean and Bill share their thoughts on the future of the Houston market and the elements which make up a gas station convenience store that attracts customers.

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:59 - The story behind Petro Energy and Dean how and Bill met
  • 09:10 - Doing business in a relatively small, relationship-driven industry
  • 11:35 - Changes in the industry over the years, and what has always remained the same
  • 17:29 - The role of a “manufacturer’s rep”
  • 21:27 - Product lines that Petro Energy has represented
  • 27:39 - The future of the Houston market gas station convenience stores
  • 36:06 - How Petro Energy acquires its customers

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Key Quotes:

  • The industry is changing globally, but geographically, it still shrinks down to small locations. They’re changing but they’re not changing.
  • It always goes back to your relationship with the technician and the installer and the customer. What’s really changed in the last 15 years is the amount of growth from mergers and acquisitions.