Episode 01: Introduction & Electrical Trade Background of SSDi Founders

The best way to kick off this podcast is to start from the beginning. In this episode, Jerry, Dorothy, and Adam discuss their history and background in the electrical trade and how they got to where they are today. 

They also share their vision for SSDI, why they continue to think like small business owners in spite of their growth, and the power of failing their way to success.

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:44 An introduction to Jerry
  • 09:31 An introduction to Dorothy
  • 12:03 An introduction to Adam
  • 14:58 Starting SSDI
  • 17:43 How SSDI retains customers for life
  • 21:17 Why SSDI continues to adopt the mindset and workflow of a small company
  • 23:27 The importance of consistency and integrity
  • 25:17 Failing forward

Connect with Electrical Distribution Solutions & SSDi:

Key Quotes by Jerry, Dorothy, and Adam:

  • I love being able to teach and show people how things can evolve and grow and how we can make things better and simpler for both the customer and myself. ~Jerry
  • The customer or the employee: We don’t know which one is first, so we just treat both really well. ~Dorothy
  • There have always been heated discussions between the three of us; but who doesn’t have those? Ultimately, those discussions will make the product better. We learn from them and move forward. ~Adam
  • We’re not a small company, but I always think of us as one. ~Jerry
  • Constantly communicating with our customers and always being alongside them every step of the way makes a big difference. ~Dorothy
  • By no means are we perfect. We’re going to make mistakes, but we will own up to those mistakes and correct what we need to correct. ~Adam
  • Failure is a good thing. If you don’t fail, then you’re not growing. If we’re not trying to get through adversity and overcome it, then we can’t be who we are. ~Jerry