Episode 02: SSDi Space Saver Distribution Inc. Explained

In this episode Jerry, Dorothy, and Adam do a deep dive into Space Saver Distribution, Inc. (SSDI), a manufacturer of electrical distribution systems.

The conversation touches on how SSDI’s systems benefit clients of all types, from gas stations to convenience stores to car washes. They also discuss the power-saving capabilities of the product, and how its design makes maintenance easier for electricians. Finally, they explain what separates SSDI from its competitors.

Brought to you by SSDi Space Saver Distribution Inc.

Topics Discussed:

  • 01:19 What we build at SSDI
  • 04:40 How SSDI helps buildings of all kinds save space in unconventional areas
  • 06:48 How gas stations can benefit from the product
  • 10:08 Saving power via “daylight harvesting”
  • 13:29 Why our cabinets are designed for electricians
  • 19:10 Incorporating modifications and other good ideas by electricians into the product
  • 22:67 What makes our systems custom?
  • 26:38 Why we label the cabinets extensively
  • 30:22 Everybody needs electrical distribution
  • 32:54 What makes us exceptional?

Key Quotes by Jerry, Dorothy, and Adam:

  • We take electrical panels that are typically mounted on a wall and integrate them into one overall cabinet, saving you space, and take all the controls and integrate that into the same cabinet to allow the electrician to have ease of wiring, etc. ~Adam
  • We provide customers with the knowledge that they don’t even realize they need to know. When they go into their room, they don’t realize that they’re missing that space till they get to see what we do. ~Dorothy
  • Electrical distribution doesn’t need to go into a back room or into an office. It can go just about anywhere, including outside restrooms and hallways that nobody ever uses. We try to find unconventional areas that will never get used that we can put our product in to free up all that space. ~Jerry
  • We will work with the electricians during construction and preconstruction to be able to have a conversation so that the underground can be done towards benefiting them when they get the box. It benefits them as an electrician if they have that knowledge. ~Dorothy
  • Our systems are custom because it fits their needs and beyond. It’s not a standard product that you just pick off the shelf. We don’t sell widgets. ~Adam
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a gas station, a convenience store, a grocery store, or a hospital. Everybody needs electrical distribution—every building, every business. No one gets away with not having power. ~Dorothy
  • It’s about people. What it comes down to, for us, is: “Who is that person and what do they need?” ~Jerry