Episode 03: A Breakdown of SSDi Electrical Cabinet Exterior

In this episode, we discuss the exterior of our electrical cabinet; its ergonomic design; and the ease with which the entire unit can be transported, assembled, and reassembled according to your needs. 

Depending on the customer, the cabinet’s layout can have as many as eight large doors with small access doors into the breakers, wiring, and other components within it. Lockable handles keep out unwanted personnel. One can also join cabinets via raceways between each if circuits need to be added.

The functions of the cabinet’s buttons range from lighting overrides to an estop and a reset for the fueling control system. Lights on the front of the panel easily signal whether or not an override is needed.

If needed, one can mount conduits, voltage controls, gutters and other features that cover their specific situation.

Topics Discussed: 

  • 00:30 A general overview of the cabinet
  • 04:14 How the cabinet’s size was determined
  • 05:38 Transporting the cabinet with ease
  • 06:45 Choosing a color
  • 09:29 How lights on the front of the panel increases convenience
  • 10:19 Mounting additional controls on top of the cabinet
  • 11:00 The main distribution panel that supplies power to the cabinet
  • 12:19 Troubleshooting tips
  • 14:30 Other things to note about the cabinet’s exterior
  • 17:38 Moving the cabinet around if needed

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Key Quotes:

  • We’ve had customers who put their stuff on the second floor and they had to have the cabinet onsite before the roof went on. Well, that’s so premature, but they didn’t have a choice because they couldn’t get it up there any other way than by crane. Whereas, with ours, you can carry them up the stairs.
  • We want the customer to fully understand what they’re getting and also realize that we’re not going anywhere. It could be two, three years from now when they give us a call, and we’ll still pick up the phone and help them troubleshoot [their cabinet].