Episode 04: Newest SSDi Team Member, Paul Brown, & The Legacy of His Families 4th Generation Company W.A Brown & Son, INC.

In this episode, we introduce Paul Brown, who after working indirectly with us for many years has finally come aboard to join the SSDi team. He kicks off the conversation discussing the development of W. A. Brown & Son’s brown box whose component system SSDi was able to improve upon. 

Then, after giving a brief history of W. A. Brown and how they eventually became associated with SSDi, Paul expresses excitement at the potential for future growth and innovation that typically comes with a small and flexible team like ours.

Paul goes on to speak on his keys to success as a salesman and decades-long business owner, which include empathy, service, curiosity, and creativity.

Topics Discussed: 

  • 00:38 An introduction to Paul Brown
  • 02:33 About W. A. Brown & Son, INC.
  • 06:40 How SSDi came to improve upon the brown box
  • 11:25 SSDi’s curious and service-oriented culture towards its employees and customers
  • 14:46 Paul’s background in the industry
  • 21:46 Having SSDi’s system put into a competitor’s box
  • 23:55 Innovation through curiosity
  • 28:15 Inspiring creativity
  • 32:46 Why Paul transitioned from walk-in coolers into electrical panels

Connect with SSDi:

Key Quotes by Paul:

  • The biggest benefit I see is being affiliated with a small organization at this point in time that actually listens to ideas and has an interest not only in how improvements can be made, but in their employees’ well-being.
  • Customers pay the bills. Employees are the biggest asset you’re ever going to have.
  • There’s no reason to recreate the wheel if somebody has a product that you can make better.
  • The money is not made in the back room. And the money is not typically fully made out at the dispensers. It is made inside the store.
  • Creativity is brought about by going out and being hands-on with the product and the people.