Episode 05: How Lighting Controls Work Inside the SSDi Electrical Cabinet

In this episode, we introduce one of our newest employees Larry Connell, who asks us several questions around our lighting controls.

What are lighting controls? How do they make my life as a business owner easier? Are they reliable? What’s the scope of SSDi’s service for these controls?

Listen in as we answer these questions and more!

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:26 What exactly are lighting controls?
  • 01:06 Who uses lighting controls?
  • 01:51 How do lighting controls adjust to weather changes?
  • 03:21 Do I need separate cabinets for interior and exterior lights?
  • 03:47 What are the failure rates?
  • 04:34 What is the scope of our services for lighting controls?
  • 07:30 So, the operator doesn’t have to be an expert in programming the PLC?
  • 07:58 It sounds pretty easy!
  • 09:05 Larry’s closing thoughts

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Key Quotes:

  • A lighting control is a larger (though not necessarily more complicated), automated way to control lighting, to give the user more capability of control of his lights over regularly turning them on and off.
  • You don’t even necessarily have to think about your lighting controls working. It just does it for you. We’re trying to achieve seamless integration with constant connectivity.
  • It can be as easy as turning on a light switch and it can be as complicated as having certain light fixtures turn on on certain days or at certain times or at certain light levels.