Episode 06: What Does an E-Stop (Emergency Stop) Push Button Do?

In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about E-Stops. Also known as an E-Button or E-Switch, this is an emergency shutoff located at the front of the building either 20 or 100 feet away from the closest dispenser required by the NEC and NFPA. 

Pushing an E-Stop will instantaneously turn off all power to dispensers into the fueling system. This is important because if there is a fire or spark , the fuel will be shut off and will stop the flow. 

Listen in and learn how to find and identify an E-Stop, what must be done if an E-Stop is switched, and more.

Topics Discussed: 

  • 00:23 What are E-Stops?
  • 01:27 Where wiring begins and ends with an E-Stop
  • 03:28 How to identify an E-Stop
  • 05:37 Why the circuit needs to be hardwired into the PLC
  • 07:12 The best place to install an E-Stop indoors
  • 08:06 What to do once everything has been shut off
  • 10:24 The protocol to follow once the E-Stop is switched
  • 14:02 What to do when an E-Stop fails
  • 15:14 Who checks the E-Stop to ensure they are operational
  • 19:12 Types of establishments that need more E-Stops than most

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Key Quotes:

  • An E-Stop or E-Button or E-Switch is a device that turns off all the dispensers. It’s an emergency shut-off switch/button.
  • An E-Stop forces you to be in a remote location to reset. You have to physically go look and see why something went wrong.